Dust filter bag
 P-84 filter bag/PP
 NOMEX® filter bag/ Acrylic
 Conducftive filter bag/Nylon
Based on customers' specifications
Heat, acid and alkali resistant. Special filter fabric used for emission control in the refuse incinerators, chemical and cement plants (Cage).
Liquid filter bag
•Nylon net
•Synthetic fabric
Based on customers' specifications Chemicals, foods, pigments, solutions and water.

Industrial felt
•A blend

Cut by special tools in shapes and sizes, according to customers' drawings

Mechanical, electrical, insulation, heat resistance, oil seal, shock-absorbing, protective pad, core element, tannery, polishing, glass mental, and marble.
Synthetic felt
•A blend
Synthetic felt is produced in a variety of forms, in accordance with customers' design drawings
Automobile acoustic material, shock, absorbing, aluminvum, steel, tannery, insulation, acoustic, and fire-resisitent felt.

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